VSCO Film 05

“Hey Mom! Am I coming in clear?” said Mike Teevee.

New VSCO Film 05 presets!

I had a blast editing these photos of Noël. We went for a walk after I took engagement photos for her and Rob (coming soon)!! The sun was about to set and we had some time before our southern-style feast at Foodshop. Lucky for me this alley was just a skip and a hop from us.

Afga Vista 400+ Warm

Afga Vista 400 Night/Tungsten (also the featured image)

Kodak BW400CN Contrast/Fade +

Fuji Neopan 400 Contrast/Fade +

the forest

I spent this past holiday weekend with Chase and his family in Washington. While there was plenty of rain and we remained indoors mostly, playing scrabble, chess, and some guitar, we wandered outdoors as soon as the sun came out.

Bella was our tour guide.

Long trails of moss, hanging moss, fuzzy moss, bright green and grey green moss

the bass pond.

relieved we had found the road after finding ourselves on unfamiliar ground.

sun and trees

and moss