leaves are falling

Mama and Noel came to visit me in Brooklyn last weekend. We took the train from Grand Central up to Jessica’s family’s home in Connecticut.

In the city the leaves haven’t changed yet, but here in Connecticut! they were beautiful rusty orange and school bus yellow. 

Jessica and Jason.

We stopped by the lake to take in the view before heading back to the city.

tsukiji market

in light of this npr article I was reading today: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/10/08/230494959/fish-for-dinner-here-are-a-few-tips-for-sea-life-lovers

I thought I’d post some fishy photos from the world’s biggest fish market.  Although, really I set out to capture the people who work at the market rather than the fish itself (not a fan of looking a dead fish, sorry…). This is their life everyday. I wonder if their significant others complain they smell of fish when they get home.

I arrived to the market long before tourists were allowed inside at 9 am and wandered the outdoor markets. I met a nice guy also traveling through japan and we wandered together and ate sushi for breakfast at 8am.

These following were taken around 9am when the majority of work is done for the day at the market. I felt a little strange, I wasn’t sure who was the fish in the bowl being stared at (ironic?). But for a few moments I stepped into their lives.