Adopt NYC

My 15-year-old puppy died today. He was taken to the vet by my parents yesterday afternoon, he was very old for a toy dachshund, but nonetheless I am heartbroken, it feels too soon and I never got a chance to say goodbye. Yesterday I volunteered for Adopt NYC, taking photos of adoptable dogs and cats. Despite my current pain, I cannot wait till I can adopt a pet of my own again, to give love and a home to an animal in need. I hope I can encourage everyone who has room in their homes and hearts to adopt.


I am ecstatic to share this video! I shot (directed) and edited this video for an article in the New York Time’s Blog about Bear’s Den. This was a particularly fun video as I got to hang out with not only the amazing Bear’s Den guys, but also so many of my New York friends as well. Bonfires, potatoes, sparklers and friends…and beers.

Read the article about them here: