bear’s den mini doc

Bear’s Den just posted this piece I cut for them. All the footage is from Communion’s Austin to Boston tour last March. I was tour photographer, DIT and a little bit of tour mom. What an amazing tour, everyone was so talented and great to be around. And editing the amazing footage shot by James Marcus Haney, Cid Salcido and Ty Johnson wasn’t so bad either. I will always remember those two crazy, hectic, beautiful weeks.

– check out photos from the tour

save a child’s heart

On my recent birthright trip to Israel we visited Save a Child’s Heart foundation. Honestly I was suspicious to go there; birthright trips visit tourist destinations, practice some Jewish traditions, and drink alcohol (on occasion), but visit a charity, how did this fit in?

The SACH home is warm and welcoming, full of young volunteers and shy yet smiling children. Those staying at the home are either awaiting a life-saving cardiac surgery or recovering from one.

Alex google-translates Swahili to talk to this young girl from Tanzania. She was recovering from surgery at the time and very tired, sitting often. Nonetheless, Alex made her laugh with his attempt at Swahili conversation.

Save a Child’s Heart “is an Israeli-based international humanitarian project, whose mission is to improve the quality of pediatric cardiac care for children from developing countries who suffer from heart disease and to create centers of competence in these countries.”

These two sisters from Romania are dancing to a now# CD with Noël and Denise.

“Approximately 50% of the children are from the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Iraq and Morocco; more than 30% are from Africa; and the remaining are from Asia, Eastern Europe and the Americas.”

This little boy has stolen Sydney’s camera and knows exactly what he’s doing.

Please visit Save a Child’s Heart to learn more about what this small organization is doing to fulfill the “age-old Jewish tradition of Tikkun Olam” (repairing the world) in a big way.

– all quotes are from the Save a Child’s Heart website

nothing is random

the holidays are over, we’ve made our new year’s resolutions, and so I feel it’s time to be inspired again, if there ever was a lull to begin with.

as a belated holiday present, I’m giving Mark Helprin’s “Winter’s Tale” to my friends Maddy and Becca.

I’d like to share my favorite chapter –

“Nothing is random, nor will anything ever be, whether a long string of perfectly blue days that begin and end in golden dimness, the most seemingly chaotic political acts, the rise of a great city, the crystalline structure of a gem that has never seen the light, the distributions of fortune, what time the milkman gets up, the position of the electron, or the occurrence of one astonishing frigid winter after another. Even electrons, supposedly the paragons of unpredictability, are tame and obsequious little creatures that rush around at the speed of light, going precisely where they are supposed to go. They make faint whistling sounds that when apprehended in varying combinations are as pleasant as the wind flying through a forest, and they do exactly as they are told. Of this, one is certain.

And yet, there is a wonderful anarchy, in that the milkman chooses when to arise, the rat picks the tunnel into which he will dive when the subway comes rushing down the track from Borough Hall, and the snowflake will fall as it will. How can this be? If nothing is random, and everything is predetermined, how can there be free will? The answer to that is simple. Nothing is predetermined, it is determined, or was determined, or will be determined. No matter, it all happened at once, in less than an instant, and time was invented because we cannot comprehend in one glance the enormous and detailed canvas that we have been given – so we track it, in linear fashion piece by piece. Time however can be easily overcome; not by chasing the light, but by standing back far enough to see it all at once. The universe is still and complete. Everything that ever was is; everything that ever will be is – and so on, in all possible combinations. Though in perceiving it we image that it is in motion, and unfinished, it is quite finished and quite astonishingly beautiful. In the end, or rather, as things really are, any event, no matter how small, is intimately and sensibly tied to all others. All rivers run full to the sea; those who are apart are brought together; the lost ones are redeemed; the dead come back to life; the perfectly blue days that have begun and ended in golden dimness continue, immobile and accessible; and, when all is perceived in such a way as to obviate time, justice becomes apparent not as something that will be, but something that is.”

The Staves’ Christmas Gift

I awoke to a lovely belated christmas gift this morning. the Staveley-Taylor sisters had mailed me their new album “Dead & Born & Grown”! They used some of my photos I took during Communion’s Austin to Boston Tour 2012 on their inside cover. Can’t wait to give it a listen

Here’s a few that they used:

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check out their “Tour Diary” I edited for them. My favorite song of theirs, “Eagle Song” is featured and was inspired by the Austin to Boston tour.